Sunflower Swing 2017


Kelcy's Dance Studio

Saturday, April 22nd

Crew Noon 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM
Lunceford Ann & Ryan Ann & Ryan Andrea & Aaron Andrea & Aaron Special Project
Basie Ann & Ryan Andrea & Aaron Ann & Ryan Special Project Andrea & Aaron
Ellington Andrea & Aaron Ann & Ryan Special Project Ann & Ryan Andrea & Aaron
Shaw Andrea & Aaron Special Project Ann & Ryan Andrea & Aaron Ann & Ryan
LCalloway Special Project Andrea & Aaron Andrea & Aaron Ann & Ryann Ann & Ryan

Don't Miss the Fun!

Classes are $75 for Saturday. All classes must be purchased at the door.

Sunday, April 23rd

Time Class Instructor Description
2:00 PM Charleston Ann & Ryan What more can we say? We LOVE Charleston!! Come kick, jump, bounce, and twist with us as we explore some Charleston movements.
2:00 PM Peaceful Easy Feeling Andrea & Aaron Fast Dancing for Lindy Hoppers - Let's talk about how to keep your cool even when tempos get hot.
3:00 PM Unusual Connections Ann & Ryan In this class you'll be introduced (or re-introduced) to physical connections that are not as common in Lindy Hop and and how to work with them and use them for fun and creativity in your dancing. "Left to left hand? Why, don't mind if we do!"
3:00 PM Funkytown Andrea & Aaron Slow Dancing for Lindy Hoppers - In this class, we'll bring the Lindy love of rhythm along when the tempo slows down.
4:00 PM Lindy Games Ann & Ryan Creativity in your dancing is what it's all about. We'll show you some fun ways to ideate and stumble on happy accidents which will get your creative juices flowing.
4:00 PM Smells Like Teen Spirit Andrea & Aaron A Collegiate Foxtrot Experience - In this class, we'll explore the fundamentals of Collegiate Foxtrot, giving you even more options to express yo-jazz-self.


Classes are $15 each. All classes must be purchased at the door.