Sunflower Swing 2017


Date Time Description Location
Friday Dance 9:00 PM Jack & Jill Prelims Venue 3130
Friday Dance 11:00 PM Jack & Jill Finals Venue 3130
Friday Late Night 1:00 AM Strictly Battle Aero Plains Brewery
Saturday Dance 9:05 PM Team Comp Midian Shrine Center
Saturday Late Night 1:00 AM Chicken Sandwich TBD

Jack & Jill

This is the ultimate social dance contest! Dancers enter individually, and social dance with multiple partners. Partners are chosen randomly and music is determined by the contest DJ.

Strictly Battle

Our chance for you to throw down, Wichita style! Enter with a partner and be randomly placed into a bracket. From there couples dance two at a time and the judges will pick one winner to advance. All the excitement of March madness, but with a great beat!

60 Second Showdown

Our take on a team contest. Get a group of 4 (or more) together and plan a routine to music of your choosing. Time limit is 60 seconds. To register, email

Chicken Sandwich

Enter as an individual and prepare to be part of the most WichitAwesome part of the entire weekend. What will happen once you hit the floor? It could be serious, it could be crazy, it could be a chicken sandwich! You'll have to enter to know....

*All compeitions are $10 for each person